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Mar 2024

Brain awareness week. Join us for a neuroscientific bar night held at Standard on the 13.03.2024! There will be interesting talks on brain function, games and discussions.


Apr 2023

Continuation of project on cardiac optogenetics. The IZKF Würzburg supports our approach towards developing cardiac optogenetics with 3-year project

Jun 2021

Research Training Group funded. DFG is funding the research training group “Neural mechanisms of (mal)adaptive approach and avoidance behaviour” starting in fall of 2021 and running for an initial 4 years. The research training group aims to acquire a better understanding of a wide range of animal and human behaviour especially focusing on approach and avoidance. Learn more

Jan 2021

Innovative Training Network approved. The European Research Council will fund a 4-year international  doctoral program on the role of the cerebellum in controlling emotions, especially fear & anxiety. Learn more


A framework for cardio-behavioral defensive states.

The  defense response to threat involves complex behavioral and autonomic adjustments. We identified integrated, short-lasting micro- and long-lasting macrostates evoked by threat, consisting of patterned behavioral and cardiac responses, which are dynamically interrelated, dependent on environmental threat levels, and controlled by neurons in the midbrain periaqueductal grey region.

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