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Jan 2021

Innovative Training Network approved. The European Research Council will fund a 4-year international  doctoral program on the role of the cerebellum in controlling emotions, especially fear & anxiety. more


May 2020

Collaborative Research Center funded. The German research foundation has approved the first phase of a large CRC on "Retuning dynamic motor network disorders using neuromodulation". The DCL will contribute one scientific project on the role of brainstem circuits in a mouse model of Parkinson's Disease.


Freezing pathway identified.

Freezing is a conserved defensive behavior present in many species including mice and humans. We characterized a forebrain-midbrain-hindbrain circuit important for execution of freezing behavior.

Flight circuits elucidated.

Flight is an active defensive behavior essential for survival in the face of threat. We characterized a central amygdala circuit important for gating of conditioned flight behavior.

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