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Jun 2021

Research Training Group funded. DFG is funding the research training group “Neural mechanisms of (mal)adaptive approach and avoidance behaviour” starting in fall of 2021 and running for an initial 4 years. The research training group aims to acquire a better understanding of a wide range of animal and human behaviour especially focusing on approach and avoidance. Learn more

Jan 2021

Innovative Training Network approved. The European Research Council will fund a 4-year international  doctoral program on the role of the cerebellum in controlling emotions, especially fear & anxiety. Learn more


May 2020

Collaborative Research Center funded. The German research foundation has approved the first phase of a large CRC on "Retuning dynamic motor network disorders using neuromodulation". The DCL will contribute one scientific project on the role of brainstem circuits in a mouse model of Parkinson's Disease.


Freezing pathway identified.

Freezing is a conserved defensive behavior present in many species including mice and humans. We characterized a forebrain-midbrain-hindbrain circuit important for execution of freezing behavior.

Flight circuits elucidated.

Flight is an active defensive behavior essential for survival in the face of threat. We characterized a central amygdala circuit important for gating of conditioned flight behavior.