Interested in joining the DCL?


Collaborative research center funded. The German research foundation has approved the first phase of a large CRC on "Retuning dynamic motor network disorders using neuromodulation". The DCL will contribute one scientifc project on the role of brainstem circuits in a mouse model of Parkinson's Disease. Therfore, we are looking for a postdoctoral fellow for a 4-year project within the framework of this CRC.


Fellowships for Doctoral students.

Orlando Cortés and Sara Reis received support for their PhD projects. Orlando secured a 3-year fellowship from Universidad del Norte, Colombia. Sara obtained a 3-year fellowship from the Science and Technology Foundation of Portugal. Thanks to the these institutions for their support and congratulations to Orlando and Sara for this success!


Freezing pathway identified.

Freezing is a conserved defensive behavior present in many species including mice and humans. We characterized a forebrain-midbrain-hindbrain circuit important for execution of freezing behavior.

Flight circuits elucidated.

Flight is an active defensive behavior essential for survival in the face of threat. We characterized a central amygdala circuit important for gating of conditioned flight behavior.

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